We walked into Spirit of Texas on a Friday night while many people were attending local Friday night football games. It was us, the owners, and some of their friends and it was a memory I will never forget. We first started with a tasting of many different wines, and honestly there wasn’t one I did not like. As we drank, the owner explained to us that the building and all that was inside was made from items found on the land they purchased. As I looked around, the building told more and more stories. The canoe behind the counter turned into shelves, the wood and tin on the walls transformed into a beautiful building, the van outside turned into a photo opportunity. As the night went on I heard stories that I will never forget as long as I live. I laughed so hard as they made us feel welcome, and brought such joy to our moments. They told stories that I retell to this day and cannot get through without cracking up about one aspect or another. As we rounded out the night, I honestly did not want to leave. This place is one of my favorites that I have been to, they had incredible wine… but more importantly they had a 5 star atmosphere of laughter, hospitality, and kindness.

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