There are so many things about our house and our property we don’t know. For example, our house is built in three distinctive sections. About half of it is cement foundation and the other is peer & beam. We discovered hardwood floors in the peer & beam section, but the woods in the bedrooms are not the same as the rest. Most likely from two different time periods. We wonder how it was originally designed and changed over the years. We’re not even sure how old it is! One thing we did find out is that the original house on the property was built out of rock.

Example of a Central Texas Rock House

Currently the rock from the original house is lined along the highway. We were digging some holes for our soil samples and started unearthing many more of these red sandstones. Many of the ones we dug up had mortar on them, so they must have been part of the original house, just buried for some reason. We’ve uncovered over 60 stones and there seems to be more, just need to find the time to dig them out. One thing is for sure, they are heavy!

From the best I can tell, it’s a hard sandstone. I found this info for sandstone in Lampasas County: Sandstone; a common sedimentary rock, is found in colors from virtually pure white to solid black. Formed of sand cemented by silica or iron oxides, some types are soft and easily abraded; others are virtually impervious to weathering, even tougher than granite! Rough and grainy to the touch.

We’re not sure what we’re going to do with them, but one thought is to use them to build an entrance to the winery. There are so many unique things here, finding ways to repurpose them brings us joy. We will follow up with another blog post once we decide where they are going.

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