We got so much accomplished last week that I had to write about it. We received a text from our good friend Vince Garcia. He said he needed a break from performing home inspections and wanted to use his hands to build something. He crazily asked if we needed any help on the tasting room. I responded quickly with a YES. He said he could work from Sunday afternoon through early Thursday.  So Moira & I immediately started working on tearing down the animal pen and small barn for materials. I received a call from my brother saying that he & his wife wanted to stop by on their way to Lubbock. They planned to get here late Wednesday and stay through Friday to help us if we needed it. Unfortunately for them, they’re not on Facebook and didn’t know what they were getting into! When Vince arrived on Sunday, we had a bunch of material for him to work with. He spent some time looking at what we had and started to visualize a plan. At the time we did not know how we were going to layout the floorplan; especially the location & layout of the bar. He came up with a beautiful idea.


So on Monday with Vince’s help, we proceeded to tear down the old shed behind the house. We knew that the backside of the shiplap board looked perfect on the inside. We were surprised to find out that on three sides of the shed, there was a tongue & groove over the shiplap.  Over 800 square feet of wood was reclaimed! On Tuesday Vince started running the wood through his planer while Moira and I continued to pull nails. By the end of the day, Vince had most of the wood installed on the bar wall.


Vince finished the bar wall on Wednesday and since we had so much wood, he installed a half-wall of siding adjacent to the bar wall. He also made a 5” trim that would be used as wainscoting trim and baseboards throughout the tasting room. My brother Jim and his wife Elaine arrived around 4:00 and got put to work. We wrapped up by 6:00 and had a great night outside by the fire.


Thursday came way too fast, and while Vince finished up installing all of the trim. Moira & I were able to start installing some of the patinaed corrugated tin for the wainscoting. Jim and Elaine worked on pulling nails. Vince left late in the afternoon. In just a few days the tasting room has totally transformed.


On Friday the four of us decided to take on the project of dismantling the small barn. It was slow going. Jim and Elaine left shortly after lunch to Lubbock. Moira & I were able to get the majority of the barn down that afternoon. I got a call from my great buddy saying he wanted to make his mark on the place and was planning on coming up next Tuesday for a few days. So Moira and I worked through the weekend, getting things ready for Arthur’s arrival. It was a rough week. I am moving slowly these mornings, but Moira keeps me going! We are very blessed!


Anyone know that movie quote?? 🙂

FYI, here’s my Fitbit weekly update, I walked 57.83 miles that week!


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  1. Jenny Kinard February 4, 2017 at 12:00 pm - Reply

    So exciting to watch this dream unfold!

    • Brians_Post February 4, 2017 at 5:40 pm - Reply

      Thanks Jenny!!!

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