My buddy Arthur Serrano has been trying to make it down to see us. He sold his business a few years ago and had planned to retire. He has been so busy these past few years, I hardly see him. One of his ventures is a charter fishing company, Hot Spot Fishing Charters (follow him on Facebook), based out of Port Aransas, TX. As he’s trying to keep his many projects going, he has been watching our progress on Facebook. When he saw the work Vince did, he called and told me he wanted to build us a ‘bad @ss bar’! I again said, come on down!

When he arrived on Tuesday afternoon, he quickly went to work. After assessing the room and the materials we had available, he wanted to use the 3 old cabinets that were in the building. We moved them around a few times until he saw the layout he liked. While we were looking at the design, I mentioned the old aluminum boat that was near our stock tank. I had wanted to stand the boat on its transom and make a wine rack out of it. He immediately wanted to look at it. After seeing it, he was determined to use it. It was too tall to stand, so we rolled in two wine barrels and placed the boat on its side. That was it! We went to Home Depot to buy some parts and had the boat mounted on the wall within 2 hours of him being here.

Seven days later, Arthur left his mark on our tasting room. Everything built in the tasting room was from materials on the property when we bought it. We have the coolest focal point, a beautiful barn-wood bar and an impressive wine barrel display rack (see below). There is about 31’ of bar space and we’ll be able to store over 1,500 bottles in the shelving he built. There were some long days, great laughs and a chance to spend some quality time together. Moira & I will be spending most of our days around the bar that Arthur built. We are truly blessed with the people that God has placed in our lives.

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