Welcoming Wanderers: Our Journey as a Harvest Host Destination

Nestled conveniently just off the highway lies our little winery—a Harvest Host location for the past three years. In that time, we’ve had the privilege of welcoming travelers from all corners of the country, each with their unique tales and adventures to share. It’s been an incredible journey, one filled with enriching encounters and the joy of making every visitor’s stop a memorable experience.

What sets our Harvest Host site apart is not just the acre of level parking or the convenience of our location. It’s the atmosphere we’ve cultivated—a warm, welcoming space where guests find comfort and community amidst their travels.

“We have been doing HH for a few years now. We have been to a bunch of Wineries. The visit to Skies Over Texas had to be about one of the best thus far. The communication with Brian was awesome. I like to message or text the winery with our ETA and Brian was quick to respond. The parking area is huge and would be fine for any size RV. The gravel parking lot was level and road noise was quiet. Moira and Brian were so nice and helpful. The pizza and wine there was awesome. We sure enjoyed our stay and will plan another visit soon. I wish we lived closer. This would be a winery we would love to visit frequently.” ~ AirshipDriver

Whether you prefer the comfortable indoors or the relaxing outdoors, we have ample seating to suit your preference. Picture yourself unwinding in a cozy rocker, the sun painting the sky with hues of orange and pink as it bids adieu for the day. Our guests often find themselves mesmerized by the stunning sunset views—a moment to pause, relax, and soak in the beauty of nature.

But beyond the picturesque setting, what truly makes our site special is the sense of kinship we extend to every traveler. Our aim is simple: treat each guest like family. It’s a promise we hold dear, echoed in the heartfelt reviews left by those who’ve graced our grounds.

“Moira and Brian were excellent hosts! They shared their story with us, were super accommodating and their wine was very tasty. We went home with several bottles! The parking is easy in and out, level and close to our trip route. Would definitely stay again!” ~ Palumbos

For those seeking more than just a place to park, our Harvest Host site becomes a home away from home. Our visitors aren’t just passing through; they become a part of our story—a chapter we cherish and celebrate.

A major part of our Journey as a Harvest Host Destination lies in the diversity of stories that grace our doorstep. From seasoned road warriors sharing tips to first-time adventurers embarking on a journey of discovery, each encounter leaves an indelible mark on our hearts.

“We stopped on our way thru, and it was a great time. Moira and Brian were great hosts! The wine and pizza were great, but the wine bottle didn’t last long enough 🙂 it was a very comfortable place to hang” ~ Gary & Arline R

So, if you’re in search of more than just a comfortable pit stop during your travels, look no further. Our Harvest Host site awaits, ready to embrace you in its warmth and hospitality. Whether you’re here for a night or a few days, allow us to make your journey a little brighter, a little cozier, and a lot more memorable. After all, it’s not just about providing a place to park; it’s about creating moments and connections that linger long after the wheels start turning again.

Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends! You’re Welcomed Here.

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Our Journey as a Harvest Host Destination at Skies Over Texas Winery has been a fun one. A little about us; our tasting room is 100% reclaimed/repurposed from the property. You’ll instantly feel a warm Texas charm when you enter. Over an acre of parking can handle large RV’s. There’s plenty seating both inside & outside. Dry or Sweet, Red, White, Blush or Rosé, our handcrafted award-winning wines are made from 100% Texas grapes!

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