We will be bottling our wines next week! We had to make a lot of decisions before getting to this point. One of the biggest decisions was our label design and names for our wines.

When selecting a bottle of wine, the first thing you notice is its label. As we worked with our designer, to create our label, we knew that we wanted it to include our logo, but we also wanted it to be clean and refined. She asked us a series of questions about our story and what type of look we had envisioned. Although our décor is Texas rustic (mostly reclaimed items that were here), we wanted the label to reflect the quality of wine that you will experience when drinking a Star of Texas Winery wine. She sent us 3 designs, each very different from the other. One of the three captured the look we wanted. The colors and the textures represent the attention to detail that our winemaker exemplifies.

Once we had the label set up, it was time for the fun part – naming our wines! This was much harder than we thought. With our name Star of Texas Winery, we wanted to use names that embodied Texas. And since our wines will be using only Texas grapes, we felt that our first bottles of wine needed to have Texas roots. So, we thought, let’s research Texas history.

Republic Red will be as big and bold as Texas itself!  With so many references to the Republic of Texas; we feel this red will be well suited for Texas.


Texian, before Texas became a state, residents were known as Texians. It wasn’t until after Texas’ annexation in 1845 that we became known as Texans! We will have a Red and White Texian that will be delicious blends of Texas grapes. The Texian label will be a mainstay for us.


Estrella Blanca is Spanish for white star. The white star on the Texas flag is such a well-known symbol and defines the Lone Star State! Our flag design dates back to 1838 when it was introduced to the Congress of the Republic of Texas.


We didn’t get too fancy with our Star of Texas Blush. We didn’t want the name to take away from the wonderful Texas wine. It will be a favorite for sure!


We know that as we begin making our own history, our wine names and labels will reflect not only the history of our state, but our story as it changes.

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