Looking back at 2018, it was an emotional year for us. In April, Brian’s mother passed away and in December our 3rd grandchild was born. With being open every day, it was a long year too. But it was also a rewarding year! We are surrounded by some wonderful people that are always there to lift our spirits!

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Here are some of the highlights:

  • We raised/donated over $12,000 to local charities
  • We hosted/organized over 200 events!
  • Our Winery sign blew out
  • We hosted many showers (bridal & baby)
  • Got a new wine slushie machine
  • We attended 7 Wine Festivals, bringing Brown County out to Texas
  • Our Winery sign blew out
  • We got a tractor (Brian got a tractor)
  • We bottled our Rip Roaring Red, our 1st wine with Spirit of Texas Winery on the label!
  • Our Winery sign blew over
  • We were a stop for a sports car road rally
  • We hosted some special birthday parties, anniversaries and family gatherings
  • We expanded our parking area to 20,000 sq ft
  • Our wines were awarded 6 medals this year
  • We had a one-of-a-kind entrance built!
  • We had visitors from all over come to visit us
  • We were awarded the Best Winery/Wine Bar in Brown County
  • We were gifted a big smoker
  • We had 50 tons of crushed granite spread in the patio & pavilion area
  • We got a ton of rain in Sept-Dec!
  • We hosted a bunch of the Pixie Plum & Painting with Friends events
  • The Winery sign blew out again
  • We had a blast at Corks & Caps
  • We started playing live music again!!!
  • We were the Early Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year!
  • Have we mentioned how many great people have come through our doors?
  • We posted a few sunset photos
  • We are a Little Free Library location
  • We installed the directional signs to our nearest winery neighbors
  • Wayne fixed our Winery sign!!!

We are very grateful to everyone that has helped us, cared for us and prayed for us. We have grown closer as a couple, we have grown closer to this community and we have grown closer to many of you. Thank you for making 2018 a successful year for us and please stay with us in 2019, we have some big plans!!!

Enter as Strangers; Leave as Friends!

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