The last time I was at Spirit of Texas Winery was a day after it had poured! In fact, after my long drive there, I was told they mentioned on Facebook they would close for the day because the parking lot was too muddy because of the previous rain. Thankfully that day, owners Brian and Moira McCue, were at the winery and accepted me in for a tasting, in addition to other people who arrived later. This time though, the parking lot was dry, and a new parking lot had been built to prevent against any future problems.

We all greeted each other and sat down at the tasting bar. Some of us decided to have a glass of wine and others did a tasting. I opted for the latter. We had a great conversation and more customers arrived with eventually the night entertainment arriving to play live music for the attendees. The music was playing, the wine was flowing, but unfortunately it was getting dark too. Laurinda and Irene had to head home, and I needed to get something to eat for dinner and find the bed and breakfast I was staying at. We said goodbye to Brian and Moira, but I am definite we will all meet again soon.

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