My Texas small town tour continues (so many small Texas towns to explore!) in a town called Brownwood. I’m sharing some of the best things to do in Brownwood, Texas, with y’all today. From restaurants to outdoor activities to where to stay, I’ve got lots of info that will help you plan your trip to Brownwood!

Spirit of Texas Winery – Just a short drive outside of Brownwood, the Spirit of Texas Winery is located in nearby Early, TX, and the second I entered the building I loved it. The tasting room is full of personality and filled with items found on the property when the owners bought it (a boat makes for a shelving unit, a truck bed a booth, an old bus a photo op). The owners are SO nice, and the wine was on point. I wish I could pick this winery up and put it in my town! Also – there are games available and a nice outdoor space, making this a family-friendly winery.

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