As many of you know, we’re a work in progress. Our overall plan is slowly coming to fruition. Over the past few months we’ve heard a number of people say they were told something along the line of; ‘don’t let the outside fool you, you’ll love the inside.’ Even though we knew that we were lacking ‘curb appeal’, we didn’t realize (or want to admit) that it was that bad! 🙂 Another concern was that many people mentioned they had a tough time finding us. So the entrance project went to the top of our list (a very long list by the way).

Our thought was to have a typical central Texas stone entrance so we reached out for recommendations for stone masons. We began getting quotes. Meanwhile, we started with an easy option, adding our name over the gate. One of our Wine Club Members owns Double Diamond Iron & Woodworks. Within a week, Wayne cut out our name on his plasma cutter and had it installed. He also made two flag poles, something we’ve been wanting since we’ve opened. It looked so good and everyone loved it.

The search was on for entrances that utilized metal. Most metal entrances were decorative metal, which isn’t really our look. We finally found a photo of a fence using corrugated metal with gabion posts. We knew that would fit us. We shared it with Wayne and he was on board. He sketched out a design. He knew of some corrugated metal that came off a roof, perfect fit for our repurposed design theme. We went looking for wire that we could use to make the gabion posts. We then searched for rocks that would be larger than the openings in the gabion posts. Each column has about 1,200 pounds of rock in them. Wayne wanted the frame to look as solid as the posts, so he used 4” square tubing. He felt something was missing; a focal point. So he added our logo in the center of both sides of the entrance. It’s 4 feet in diameter, offset with a band around it. That was exactly what was needed!

Wayne started on Monday, July 23, 2018 and it was a hot week. They pushed through it and completed the project on Friday. It was the talk of the tasting room all weekend! Not only did the design transform our entrance, the look was a perfect complement to our design style inside! There is still work to be done on the entrance, but we are a work in progress!

Welcome to Spirit of Texas Winery!


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